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Apply to Become a Well-Being Trailblazer

Applications  for the Well-Being Trailblazer Award are open from April 1st to May 31. Finalists will be invited to the second-round virtual interview and presentation.

Eligibity & Timing

Apply Now for the 2023 Well-being Trailblazer Awards!

The Well-being Trailblazer Awards are back for another year to recognize the exceptional organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of well-being.


The application window is officially open from April 1st to May 31st, so don't wait to submit your nomination. Join us in our mission to create a happier and healthier workplace by applying for the Well-being Trailblazer Awards today!

In addition to providing trailblazing solutions in the workplace health and wellness space, eligible candidates have at least one U.S.-based office and qualify based on team size, lives impacted, OR annual revenue.

This year, the Awards Committee is considering a new category of awards for earlier-stage companies who have clear growth trajectory to meet the Trailblazer eligibility but are not there yet. These companies will be given the "Rising Star Award" of the 2023 Well-Being Trailblazer Awards.

Award Eligibility

Eligible candidates should meet one or more of the below criteria for their desired category:

Trailblazer Eligibility

Team Size: 100+

Annual Revenue: $20M+

Lives Impacted: 1M+

Trailblazer: Rising Star Eligibility

Team Size: 10+

Annual Revenue: $2M+

Lives Impacted: 100K+

Learn more about the Trailblazer Rising Star Award here. 


Award Considerations

Well-Being Trailblazers excel in and will be evaluated on the following areas:

Measurable Impact

Trailblazers have positively impacted the lives of at least 1 million employees (or 100,00 employees for Rising Star Trailblazers) in organizations beyond their own workplace.

Innovative Vision

Trailblazers have a unique, mission-driven vision for its role in the future of workplace health and demonstrates thought leadership beyond the industry standard.

Achievement & Growth

Trailblazers have data to articulate the impact of their employee-centric solutions as well as a clear growth trajectory.

Market Leadership

Trailblazers offer a best-in-class solution in your sector and lead amongst your competition. Trailblazers have identified how they differentiate themselves from the competition.

Nominate a Trailblazer

Do you know a Well-Being Trailblazer?



Reach out to us here.

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