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Meet the 2023 Judges

Obadiah Sang

Obadiah Sang is a strategic leader with extensive experience in corporate development, investing, and market strategy. As the Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Investments at Independence Blue Cross, he plays a crucial role in driving the company's growth and diversification efforts. 

Obadiah's exceptional track record includes overseeing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic investments. His expertise and forward-thinking approach contribute to the company's success in expanding its business ventures and pursuing innovative opportunities. 

With a strong focus on improving healthcare outcomes, Obadiah has been instrumental in leading key initiatives at Independence. His contributions include strategic collaborations, such as the expanded relationship with Penn Medicine and the investment in Quartet Health, which aim to enhance patient care and well-being. 


Erinn Corbett-Wright

Erinn Corbett-Wright is an award-winning leader who uses corporate philanthropy and civic engagement to accelerate training and career pathways that provide economic opportunity for underrepresented minorities, specifically Black and Latinx youth, across the U.S. As the Head of Workforce Development Philanthropy at Salesforce, Corbett-Wright directs a grantmaking portfolio that delivers responsive community solutions for emerging talent seeking technical training, certification, and wraparound support to land paid positions at organizations of all kinds. Outside of work, she regularly serves as a strategic advisor to organizations and causes that support a high-functioning nonprofit sector and solutions to alleviate intergenerational poverty. 

Corbett-Wright Headshot_edited.jpg

Ryan Wolf

Ryan is a wellbeing consultant at Gallup, overseeing the development and implementation of health and wellbeing strategies. He collaborates with Gallup's research team, business channel, benefits department, consulting practice, and external partners in the medical and wellness fields. His solutions and initiatives benefit Gallup clients, associates, and their families. As an author and speaker, he shares research findings and provides practical advice to enhance wellbeing in organizations and the broader public. 

Ryan_Wolf head shot_edited.jpg

Maria Dee

Maria T Dee is a seasoned Wellbeing Strategist with 20+ years of industry experience. As the Executive Director of Workforce Wellbeing at Kaiser Permanente, she leads the development and implementation of enterprise-wide wellbeing programs. Maria's expertise lies in providing influential leadership, strategic direction, and fostering collaborations to address the challenges organizations face in improving workforce health. With a focus on employee engagement and innovative program design, she has helped Kaiser Permanente gain national recognition as a leader in workforce health and wellbeing.

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